Week 1 Summary


Websites are accessed by a URL.  A Uniform Resource Locator are short strings that identify resources in the web.

Websites- a combination of webpages, graphics and other files.

Webpages-made up of basic text files that contain a set of instructions for the browser.

XTML-coding language written with “tags” which describe information on the webpage.

CSS-set of instuctions that tells the browser how each element should be displayed.

Javascript-allows the page to interact with the user or vice versa.

HTML5-step forward in the evolution of HTML.

Hypertext Markup Language is the standard when writing new web pages to make it easier to update later.

Tags give your browser directions, from the background color t, to the size of the font, and where an image to should be.

Web browsers are applications that display various types of files on a computer.  Your computer accesses web servers on the internet by retrieving it through the network.  A browser can interpret HTML, CSS, and Javascript.







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